Another year, 今年もよろしくお願いします

I know it’s not a special day, but today is the anniversary of my site registration, so I thought I’d make a post. I mean, what made me want to register for a random site name anyways?

But first, play this video to go along with the post!

I’m not a daily (or even weekly) blogger, but when I did make a post, I made sure the post was filled with information or interesting thoughts I had. For a while, my blog became a secret base for me; only I knew about it, and no one would ever find me here. It was (still is) a place where I could be who I was, let all my inner frustrations out.

I also wanted to put my life into words for myself to look back upon. It’s absolutely embarrassing, but I can’t help but appreciate the changes that I’ve seen.

When I made the site registration, I felt more real on the internet, that yes, I do exist. It’s really strange and confusing and I definitely think that a lot of people will think that’s silly, but for the me who was alone, being able to type and be redirected here gave me a swell of pride and satisfaction.

It was at least one thing I could call mine.

(No, don’t tell me how it’s actually not mine because Reddit did a very good job of that already, and ugh, figuratively!!)


Leave your thoughts here!

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