wpid-snapchat-2887326718465324321.jpgAs I sit here at gate 54A, around the Virgin America gates, I am suddenly reluctant to go back to SD for one reason: SD International Airport is the equivalent of what comes out my other end after food poisoning and three onions (not that I’ve experienced that).

Also, people here are really fancy. The ways they dress reek of money.

*tries to inhale as much air as I can* GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!

My friend told me that I’m rich for having yakiniku three times in two weeks. It’s probably an exaggeration, but I felt a vein twitch at that: how is that expensive? First time I had it, my friend was with me and we each paid $24. Second time was with coworker, and our total was $30, so $15 each. Today, I had $93 (tip added) with my parents, who were very concerned as to whether I was full or not. (Mom, after a bowl of rice, 6 plates of meat, I am most definitely full (of shit))

No, I don’t think that really means “rich,” though compared to many other people in the world, I probably am.

When I saw that text, I went “uh-huh…” with the yeah/sure attitude because she has bags worth three digits and all.


Okay, enough ranting. I’m sometimes compared to Martin Freeman, with all the frustrations I have pent up within me. *proceeds to sing Let It Go, full Technicolor and all in the middle of the airport, in my head…*

I have to admit, Virgin is expensive, but the waiting areas are so comfortable and the service is just great. I hope I’ll always be able to fly Virgin…

It’s 6:51pm, and I believe boarding time is 7:25.

The countdown to boarding time is excruciating. I’m nervous about returning to SD, yet I’m really excited at the same time? (Haha, the friend I’m meeting up with tomorrow probably disagrees with me though.)

It’s one minute before 7pm, and I’m ready to stuff my surface into my bag and walk into the plane…if they would let me!

Funny side note: I have this one friend at UOP, and our only form of communication is through Snapchat. ONLY snapchat.

7:04pm – When will I board my plane and get back to the dorms? I have an 8am class tomorrow…

7:10pm -Time to go get some water for the flight. Goodbye!



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