A Review of 2014

2014 is most definitely my worst year. There are some things that I refuse to say to anyone, but what I can say I’ll list them here:

  • had serious first-degree burns on my face and neck the day before I was supposed to go back to SD for winter break
  • finally got to go off campus for whale festival, gets to see whales and dolphins – then catches worst cold in history, one that kept me in bed for 1 whole week and heavily sick for another week
  • shit happens in March, and I get to experience my first psychiatric emergency
  • begins to confront parents about depression and panic attacks – immediately told that I should keep these things to myself because apparently it’s all my fault (that doesn’t help my therapy)
  • falls off bike, destroys tights and skin of right knee cap
  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • fall quarter shit

I hate 2014. I fucking hate it.

The amount of tears I shed this year is unimaginable, and I hope I never cry as much every again.

But 2014 wasn’t all bad, and here were some things that kept me going:

  • skyping with best friend
  • psych therapy – it helped for a while, until I realized that it’s easier for me to work out my own problems without the judging eyes of a therapist
  • I get back in touch with a good friend and receive some of the best advice I’ve ever been given
  • I finally accept that there’s a problem with how I believe that I deserve to suffer just because
  • I accept and understand that it’s unfair to hold my parents to standards they can’t achieve because of who they are
  • I decide that I want help, and I’m actually going to put effort into getting it

Later today: 2015 wishes




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