SD Airport

Edit: My final departure time was 9pm. Originally 5:35pm. #fml

As the past 18 days indicate, I’m a terrible blogger. (Can’t keep my own promises…)

I’m actually at the airport, typing away as I mull over the fact that my flight has been delayed by 2 hours, and that I won’t actually get to eat dinner with my parents, that I’m stuck here for the next 2 hours, doing nothing.

Coming early wasn’t entirely bad though; traffic was terrible and it honestly took about an hour to get here. TSA took another 30 minutes, and while I was in line, a lot of people started showing up, and I’m glad I didn’t persuade myself to leave later because I might’ve possibly missed my flight (unless it’s delayed again, please no). Traffic was surprisingly smooth, and car ride was very pleasant. I’m really sorry I didn’t have enough money to tip my driver – had one twenty, five ones, and one five. Her charge was $10 for the ride, so it was either giving her a 100% tip or exact change. I’m not rich enough to donate that much yet, so I chickened out and gave her only $10.

San Diego Intl Airport sucks. I can’t help but think of Narita Intl, SFO, heck, even LAX is better. It is a small airport, but the fact that my gate (25) doesn’t even have seats really sucks.

That level of fail disappoints me greatly.

Oh, someone’s got really yummy food a few seats to my left. It smells absolutely amazing, and if it were not for the promise of good food at home, I’d probably jump him and fight him for food.

I’m not sitting near a plug, and that’s making me extremely paranoid about my battery level, even though Surface is telling me that the tablet has 99% and the keyboard has 93% left.

Gods, the food smells amazing and I’m really freaking hungry and gah, all the wants. I guess I’ll just settle for the nature valley bar that I brought with me… #notfood

And OH GODS, I took one bite of my bar and the crumbs fly everywhere onto my keyboard, and now some are hiding in the cracks between the keys…I glared at my bar, and now I’m biting into the crunchy goodness with a bit more force than necessary…will karma bite me in my butt?

Dear gods, keyboard battery is down to 90%. Have mercy, please!

(If you haven’t noticed, my panic grows exponentially for each percent my tech loses.)

INTERRUPTION: They just said that our flight might be delayed until 8pm. I DEMAND SOME KIND OF COMPENSATION FOR THIS, VIRGIN. No, seriously, this is my first time experiencing delays like these and if it’s not going to be here until 8, I might actually have to go buy food because I’m actually feeling a little dizzy. (Keep in mind that my last legitimate meal with protein and veggies and soup was…Wednesday night, I believe. Ugh. Food. Delays. Why.

I wish airports had napping corners where you could nap for $5, $10 an hour or something. Don’t they have those beehive hotels in Japan that are extremely cheap and all?

Great, even my 4G isn’t working in this hell hole. Time to play some fire emblem and marry off some folks.


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