Falling asleep on a midterm – tl;dr at end

I’ve been sick for the past few days with terribly congested nostrils and a never-ending supply of mucus, and at precisely 10:38am this morning, during my computer science midterm, I thought to myself: fuck this.

(I did finish the exam, and was in the middle of triple-checking my answers. My paranoia acts up when I think I’ve done fine on a test.)

I really was close to falling asleep though… The congestion kept me up for the past two days, so I was already tired, and I also had muscle pain in my arms for reasons unknown.

[Another issue was regarding financial aid. I saw a bill for ~$4500 on my student account the other day, and I nearly peed in my pants, because I would definitely have to talk to my parents about taking out a loan if we’re going to be charged $4500 every quarter. Luckily, I checked today and it’s all fine; financial aid wasn’t taken into account last week, which was why I saw the terribly large total charge posted on my account.]

I actually thought about not going home this thanksgiving, instead staying on campus to catch up on the homework I neglected these few days I was sick.

But…home. Home. With a capital H.

I’m so tired of this place, of these people…not that most of the people aren’t nice, but there are friends, and then there’s friends. No one on campus can compare to my bestie, though some of them are pretty goddamn awesome. But it’s just different…perhaps I’m judging them using my bestie as a scale?

My little friend group has been making plans, and that’s something to look forward to! (Desperately trying to ignore the fact that winter break is only 2 weeks long—–)

tl;dr fuck this shit i’m going home


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