ヤバイ ヤバイ ヤバイ

人生は松本潤さんが言ったように、「ヤバイ ヤバイ ヤバイ」

I’m about to walk to a secluded corner of the beach and stay there until time stops and life ends, because this is too much.

Things on my priority list:

1. Health Insurance – Will I be able to complain to a doctor about life next year too??

2. Bills – My credit card takes the blunt of our bills, and since I had to purchase a plane ticket ($315), I’m about to max out my card…

3. Mom’s health – she had a gastroscopy recently, and she didn’t respond well to whatever they injected into her for the procedure. My mom has a terrible habit of hiding her pain, so if she had to sleep for an entire afternoon, it must’ve been really bad.

4. Being happy – It’s really sad how this can never be at the top of the list because, well, life. I do wonder if I’ll ever be happy though…

5. Talking with friends – I talk to my best friend on a regular basis, and we skype a lot too. (Lifetime total is 650 hours of skyping, our goal is 800 by the end of this year, which seems totally reasonable since we skype an average of 3~6 hours. ;) ) I also try to keep in contact with friends who are far away (I found out that I’m getting a care package!!) by mail or FaceBook, but I’m having a harder time trying to stay in touch with a friend in the same college because we’re so busy all the time.

6. Classes – ’nuff said.

7. Scoliosis – I…skipped out on this year’s annual exam, and I don’t think I can get an appointment for winter break, so…oopsies? I’m just worried that it’s getting worse…

8. アパート-The plates on the drying rack sometimes still have oil on them…so I take it out and redo it, especially if they’re my plates. -__- You’d think that girls would be better, but not really. Have I mentioned the fact that our tub has been clogging up quite a bit over the past few weeks? I should really call maintenance and have them unclog it, but because I don’t know if we’ll be charged extra for this, I don’t want to do it, and the other girls don’t seem to care that the water drains really slowly…


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