Please contact me through Skype, text, call, or come to me directly

I’m getting complaints that I don’t respond to messages fast enough, and part of me is just so tired of it all. (Because really, I’m not obligated to reply, nor do all conversations require a reply, because if I kept replying, when would I sleep??)

If you need to reach me urgently, please just call me and for the love of god, please do not leave a message. I absolutely hate messages, and I will refuse to listen to them until I get annoyed enough at the message notification that won’t go away.

With text, you’ve got to bug me constantly. I easily forget to reply to someone, and here’s an example: I was talking to a friend who lost something important, and I just broke off because I forgot about the conversation.

If you cannot reach me even then, your remaining choices:

– get someone to get me (make Lydia call me if you can)

– come to me

Dear next person who dares leave a message,

I don’t like you. *presses 7*

Fuck you very much,

Amy Cucumber

( 7 = delete message)


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