Anchors – One I cannot do without

I have a handful of very, very close friends, and I’ve got to make a post about one of them because I’ve just suddenly realized how close we actually are, and that I probably couldn’t have made it through freshman year if she wasn’t there for me.

First, we talk about everything. Seriously.

Some common topics:

  • food (mmmmmmmmmmm)
  • life
  • school
  • games
  • failures
  • confessions
  • debates (food, current events[sometimes], people, culture, etc. but we definitely don’t agree all the time)

And she’s just so, so amazing. Yeah, she’s not Einstein, but I don’t want Einstein. I love my friend who tolerates a lot of my annoying behaviors, and always gives me something to look forward to after tiring classes. She doesn’t approve of some of my actions, but it’s because she wants me to do better, not watch one more episode of [insert series name here].

She’s not going to see this (probably), but she’s definitely an anchor in my life, a point of reference when things are different, for the good and bad.

We skyped for 53 hours at one point:

Not doing this again unless it's finals.

Not doing this again unless it’s finals.

Holy shit. That was an experience I won’t forget for a long time, unless we manage to break that record, which is rather likely considering both of us like to study late into the night and all.

She’ll laugh at me sometimes, but usually she laughs with me, and it’s a really energizing thing, bawling in laughter with your friend who’s 5 hours away by car. And we make plans. We make so many plans.

Okay, sorry about this random post, but I was talking to her earlier and I realized that we talk nearly every single day, and overall, ever since I went to college, I’ve spent more time skyping with her (than talking to my parents) + (talking to other friends not in my college) + (doing homework for certain classes). The thing is, we leave skype on while we do things, and we are absolutely fine with that. Those 53 hours wasn’t a continuous conversation. We do usually end it at around 7~9 hours each call. We don’t usually exceed 7~9 hours unless it’s an off day or the weekend. x)

Now, I need to remember to ask her if she got my letter a week ago…


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