xxxHolic: Kei – Episode 12

The egg scene killed me.

I don’t-I can’t-

Watanuki wants Himawari-chan to be happy, and while he’s sleeping, his strong feelings channel into the egg he received from Yuuko-san, and we hear the being in the egg say, “So warm…so kind…I’m being embraced by kindness. That’s why I can become kind. I’ll grow up kind. ” (I took that directly from the subs.)

Watanuki’s wording may bug a few people, and generates questions about the subject of his wish. Does he want her to be happy for his own reasons, or…?

But if you think about it, he doesn’t have any hidden motive (it’s Watanuki; the only person he’ll ever hate is Fei Wang Reed…I don’t even think he has anything against the spider-lady (even though technically, his actions caused all of this mess). He truly wants Himawari-chan to be happy because she deserves to be happy, after all that she’s faced in her life.

When Yuuko tells her that the price is too much to pay to reverse Himawari’s condition, Watanuki settles. He can’t rid her of her bad luck, so he’ll do her best to make her happy. A partner she can keep, that can be by her side… *sobs*

(And one reason why the egg scene was a favorite: it’s how raising anything works. Kids, animals… Of course, there’s never a guarantee that the being will be kind, but it doesn’t hurt to be kind, logical, and caring. Problem is, few people in the world can actually do that, and there’ll be even less as we heads towards an era dominated by reliance on technology…)

I’ve always liked Himawari, and I definitely knew something was up with her. It’s CLAMP; there’s always something. But she’s definitely lovable. She was blunt with her story, and obviously they’ve all got a crap ton of mental issues, but even with that, they all try their best to be happy, and that’s what so beautiful about xxxHolic, I think. xxxHolic doesn’t really have long, long dialogue, and the pause between lines is very natural, thanks to a great soundtrack (it’s really unfortunate they never released some of the most beautiful tracks in the whole series).

And Tanpopo. Yuuko says the same thing too, that for Himawari, Tanpopo is something amazing because this is someone who will stay by her side without receiving the effects of her bad luck. Imagine if you’ve always wanted a pet, but every single one of them died because of you, and one day, you’re given a cute bird and told that the bird won’t be affected by you… I’d cry. (I did cry, in the confession scene, and the egg scene. Fuck, my eyes.)

That has got to be one of the simplest, cutest animated birds I’ve ever seen. CLAMP really is amazing with their designs.

Here’s the episode on YT if you’re interested. Hopefully this’ll stay available, but if it’s down, please give me a heads up, or head over to your favorite anime site for xxxHolic Kei episodes. Chances are that they’ll have it.


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