T-2.5 months

Can you believe it? It’s been a month and a day since I came back, which means that in 2.5 months, it’s back to fulltime schooling for me.

(And this is when people tell me that I really need to relax, because there’s so much time left, but I must say this: I’ve tried.)

This Friday marks my first day of therapy back in the Bay Area, and I’m somewhat scared. The therapists, they don’t judge you and they don’t make you do anything. But after every meeting, I always find myself locked in my mind, facing the demons who usually deep in my heart. After that’s done, I’m usually emotionally worn out for the week.

(The receptionists who scheduled my appointment for me suggested group therapy, and I am absolutely terrified that I might really be persuaded to make an appointment for one…)

There’s financial aid to be dealt with, preparations to be made, and there’s only 2.5 more months!

I actually haven’t even secured an off-campus apartment, although I’ve got a double reserved on campus. I don’t know my roommate and suitemates, and I despise living on campus (the food is so goddarn expensive, and it’s not even good most of the time), so I’ve asked an upperclassman to look out for good deals in the area.

All I want are quiet and respectful roommates who would be interested in a few rounds of Smash every now and then, and lots of cooking. Lots.


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