Love and Disappointment

(I’m really glad that my auntie and uncles don’t know this site, because this is probably stuff they don’t want made public.)

My Dad’s going through a series of frustrating legal paperwork, along with his three other brothers, to sort out my grandfather’s will. My dad and his third brother was supposed to each get half of a house that my grandfather owned, but now, due to greed and bad intentions, the house is instead being split into eights.

My dad = third brother = each 3/8

The two other brothers = each 1/8

They’re having these problems because my grandfather forgot to remove my late grandmother’s name from the ownership of the house, so it’s a lot more complicated now.

This bit of news traveled to the eldest aunt on my mom’s side, and she, being frail and prone to sickness, became paranoid about it all and asked her husband to include her name in the ownership of the house.

(To elaborate, she’s scared that she’ll pass away early and he’ll marry someone else and not leave anything for their children. First, my uncle is not the type to do that, and he loves his children and wife a lot. Even if he were to find someone else if anything happened to my auntie, he’d make sure that what belongs to his children, will go to his children.)

I think if I were my uncle, my heart might’ve shattered.

Being with your spouse with over 30, 40 years and not being trust enough to leave a proper will for his darling children and grandchildren… I would’ve been cold with disappointment.

My dad made a really good comment: “If I were him, I’d just say, ‘Take it all.'”

They have each other’s hearts, but he doesn’t have her trust.


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