…Was my first reaction when I lost balance on my bike and fell, for the first time.

It didn’t help that I’m rather short for my age, that my bike was quite tall for me, that the winds were strong, that I chose to read more instead of focusing on getting a good nights sleep…

A strong gust of wind hit me from the right, and as my left leg tried to maintain some balance, my arms turned the front wheel, and down I went, with a quiet, oh shit silencing all my other thoughts. The next second, my bike crashed and my knees, especially my right one, shared a few intimate moments with the gravel, exchanging blood for dirt and rocks, before I stood up shakily and separated the two forever.

I breathed fast, taking in quick, shallow breaths to calm myself down, and to my relief, the pain subsided fairly soon, leaving me with numb but swelling wounds.

Of course, the tights I wore went straight to the trash once I came home.


  1. Class from 8:10 to 10:15am, biked downhill to Starbucks to do homework
  2. Left Starbucks at around 1:40pm and head for work

Part one: 5 miles

  1. Left work at 6:20pm, biked to Dad’s company to meet him straight after work so he could take me home

Part 2: 9 mi (give or take one, as I walked the stop lights and slowed down a lot, etc)

Total: 13~14 miles

Overall: Dead tired.


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