Microsoft – WHY

I just got a Surface 2, and I’m really happy yet a little bitter about it all.

Hands down, a small tablet/laptop like the Surface is really convienient, and even with a power save keyboard, my total was $656 after tax. (Keep in mind that I bought the 32GB version, as most of my stuff is stored on a cloud drive or on an USB, so I really don’t think there are issues with the internal storage, and I don’t feel that the 64 is really that useful if you are comfortable with cloud drives.

However, the thing is that browsers such as Mozilla and Chrome are not available on the Windows Store, and to be completely honest, that sucks. Chrome’s sync is highly useful for me, between my main laptop and Samsung S4. That tab I have opened on my laptop but not on my phone? Easy, it’s all synced. All those bookmarks on my laptop? S’alright. They’re on my phone too.

IE, to be brutally honest, cannot even begin to compare with Firefox and Chrome. (I used IE when I was in middle school, Firefox for the most part of high school, Chrome since senior year of high school till now. I have experienced all three.)

I already think it’s annoying for Microsoft computers to be pre-installed with IE, but I understood that a lot of old programs run best with IE, so that’s a different issue. But.

Chrome should definitely be on the Windows Store, and it’s terribly sad that there are many barriers for other browsers to enter this certain market, the tallest being MS’s own policies. However, at the same time, I do get that Microsoft is trying to promote its own products, but IE lags too much and often for me to feel comfortable using it. I know that with smaller tablets like these, the resolution as well as the video watching experience will be compromised, but after using a Windows desktop for so long (had 95, went XP for a long time, Vista was just shit, Windows 7 is lovely), I have to say that I dislike a lot of the changes Microsoft made to the newer models, and Microsoft, your desktop was the best thing ever and you took away the start button.

Go to a corner and think about what you did, you buttholes.

As you can see, I’m actually dissatisfied with many of the changes made to the operating system, but the reason(s) why I won’t return the Surface 2 unless a technical problem arises or if I notice that there’s a part that’s defective:

  • Yeah, I’m complaining about it, but it’s really convenient. Seriously. Even with the power saver keyboard, this tablet is ultra light and really nice for me, since I bike 3~4 times per week to work.
  • Frick it, it’s Windows. I’ll never buy a Mac, Android tablets can’t do as much… There’s really no choice here.
  • I’m too lazy to haul my butt over to Best Buy to return it and try to find a replacement because I still need something to do work with, and this is a pretty good deal.
  • It’s a good deal. (YES, it was. Probably.)

I am considering an iPhone once my contract with my S4 expires, but it’ll all depend on what kind of Android and Windows phones there are then, and I definitely have a limit for how much my cell phone should cost. (Personally, with a contract, the phone itself should definitely be less than $200. If it’s any more expensive than that, then either it was just released, or the specs are exceptionally good compared to the other products.)

With that, I am also happy to note that I have gotten used to the new keyboard, and it find it to be pretty easy to use, although I didn’t realize that if I didn’t perform my updates, my keyboard might not be recognized and yeah, I pretty much panicked when I snapped the keyboard with the tablet and found that I couldn’t type with the keyboard. Updated it, everything ran smoothly, and battery life is, well, wow. I wish my phone could last one whole day with no charge, and continuous music playing with internet surfing. (I do have issues with reading magna, and, well, it’s IE. IE. I mean….)

Finally, by the time you’re reading this post, my theme will have changed, and I’m not exactly in the mood to create a new post for an explanation, so I’ll just say it here:

Always having to come up with a header photo is very tiring, and discourages me from making new posts.




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