A Week of Chaos

Now that it’s been a. week since I came back, lets talk about what happened this week:

6/14 – Arrived home at around 12:30am, slept at 1:30am. Wedding preparations from 10am, actual ceremony at 2pm, followed by dinner which lasted until 11pm. Slept at 3am because I was unpacking.

6/15 – Woke at 9am to get bike and accessories. Bought bike at Targets, went to Millbrae at 3:30pm-ish, left for SF at 4:30pm to the Timbuk2 store, then Japantown for Escape Game at 7pm. Game ended at around 8:40pm, and went for Yakiniku at about 9pm. Got home at 11pm.

6/16 – First day of class. Woke at 7am, arrived at college on time. Classes ended at 12:20pm, and I biked down to work early, because it was the first time in 6 years that I would be biking for a rather long distance, and I was completely unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Work ended at 6:30pm, arrived him at around 7pm. Dinner, reorganizing, shower, quick visit to mall… slept at around 12am.

6/17 – Remembered to bring helmet. Also dropped one class because it was too tiring. Classes ended at 10:15am, but hung out at college until 11:20pm, and biked down to a Starbucks for a break, then to work. Work ended at 6:30pm, but dad said he couldn’t pick me up until at least 7pm, so with 15% battery, I tried to bike to his company, which Google said would take about an hour. Made it half way through, and dad met me halfway. Biked a lot, got sunburns on both arms and hands. Slept at about 11:30pm.

6/18 – Morning class ended at 10:15am, hung out with a friend until 12:20pm because he was willing to give me a ride to a friend’s house in Millbrae. Mom picked me up at 4:20pm, went to Best buy to get a tablet, arrived home at around 5:20pm, found out that internet was down, but couldn’t do much because I had class at another college from 6:30pm. Arrived home from class at around 7:40pm, tried to fix internet and called customer service, gave up at 8:40pm, begged mom to drive me to the nearest Starbucks so I could finish my homework. Slept at around 12:30am.

6/19 – Morning class, then biked down to Starbucks with Surface to modify/update/certify Windows and worked on a bit of homework. Work ended at 6:30pm, got home at around 7pm, dinner, called customer service, arranged a visit to fix the bad modem. Slept at around 1am.

6/20 – Organized and cleaned house until technician came, and the session ended at around 5pm. Relaxed a bit on tablet, mom came back, moved back to the room, and read until 1am.

6/21 – Woke at 9am, went to IKEA to get a proper table, arrived to work at 12:30am and went home at 5:40pm. Helped dad with building the table and moving bookshelves, by the time it was all over, it was 9:45pm, and I had lots of things scattered on the floor, as I couldn’t finish cleaning. 3am now, and I am going to sleep.


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