Unexpected Meeting

Great, adding “unexpected” in front of everything reminds me of The Hobbit now.

Point is, this weekend I came (actually in the airport right now, 6:15am, waiting for my 7am flight) home due to our HOA fining my unit $150 for two months (would’ve been a $300 total) because I didn’t renew my I.D., which turned out to be really our fault because my mom never told me about the two other letters they had sent me. But anyways, I went home on Saturday, first flight at 12:35 and arrived in SFO at about 3:05pm.

(Funny story about my flights: so the first flight from SAN to LAX was late by 10, 15 minutes, and by the time I got to LAX, it was 1:40pm, and my next flight was scheduled to depart at 2pm. I also had to wait for my luggage to be carried up to the bridge because it was too big to fit in the overhead compartments so they had to store it elsewhere. I exited the flight first without getting my luggage because I thought it’d be outside, but the guy outside said to go back, so I did, and by the time I had gotten my luggage and came out a second time, it was 1:50pm and the guy just said, “You’ve got four minutes. Better run.”

Oh yeah, I ran. And I made it.)

Well, Saturday was spent lounging at home and taking care of the HOA problem, and Sunday was spent eating and shopping in the Bay Area. Monday, I had planned to meet up with some friends at Starbucks (it was originally planned to be a Pokemon XY gathering) and, well, it was a lot more fun than how I expected it to be.

Surprisingly, I met up with a–

– The rest is typed at college because I didn’t have enough time to finish the post in SFO.-

–friend  from high school, and although I knew him well enough to joke around with him, I never tried to understand be a friend instead of just a friend. I invited him to starbucks back a week ago through Skype (I was skyping with two friends, and he happened to be at the house of one of them) and I had a total of three friends at starbucks that day.

Simply said, I’m sorry I didn’t get to know him better, and I’m going to make efforts to know him better, because I want to be by the sides of people like him.


Sigh, hopefully this won’t just be a meeting in passing and I’ll forget about it in a few weeks.

*crossing fingers*


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