It’s wonderful.


Another midnight post because I read something really heart-warming that made me tear up a few times and think about some things.

This is a letter to myself in ten years, so it might be boring to some.

Dear Me,

Ten years later, are you happy? What do you regret? Do you feel miserable sometimes? Do you have a trustworthy family by your side? Who are you still in contact with? How is the world like?

When you (I) read this letter, I hope that you’re happy wherever you are. At this moment, I’m planning to stay in the bay area and do research, although I don’t know if I’ll switch to chemical research, but either way, how is work? Productive? Do you hang out with your coworkers?

Are you still blogging? Are you still in love with the sky?

…I’m sorry. I’m really sorry if I messed up something and now your future is all messed up. How is mother and father? Uncles and cousins and all?

Do you love yourself?

How happy is your smile?

Do you cry often? Why? Was there something that I could’ve done to make things better?

Do you still like tea? Lupicia?

Are you angry?

Are you healthy? (Assuming that you’re alive…?)

Do you still hang out with people who make fat jokes? (I hope you don’t, because I’m going to try my best to not associate with them from now.) Do your friends really respect you?

Do you remember the promises made under bed covers?

Do you still want?

How was college? Did it get better?

How much have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten yourself?

Wishing you a most wonderful future,
The pathetic me today


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