Calling all storytellers!

With (or soon to have) an undergraduate degree.

For obvious reasons, I can’t participate, but I know there are people out there who can, and I urge you to try. 

I’m currently a lost soul right now, and such a trip would do me much good in trying to figure out what I want to do with myself in the future. Even if you aren’t lost, or if you have a career you love already, that’s fine. Don’t you want to explore the world and the hidden wonders all over the continents? Don’t you want to see for yourself the sunrise from the Artic, or the desserts of Africa?

Don’t you want to go out and see?

(And gods, it’s National Geographic; I love them more than I love my school.)

Take a step out of your world and discover a whole new one.

All it takes is a small step.




No, I am not partnered with National Geographic in any way; I just saw the video on my Youtube page and thought it was fantastic. If it’s still around in three years, I’ll definitely be applying.


Leave your thoughts here!

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