Written on impulse.


It kept her up at night. It reminded her when she was making dinner. It made its presence known when she was happy, and told her once again what they had said,

“You can’t get rid of-”


She had begged, and begged, for forgiveness–it wasn’t her fault–, for a future–she will have none–, for a choice.

In the end, what was rightfully hers, became public property and she became an object, a greenhouse, for the sleeping monster within her.

It woke, at random periods during the day, and reminded her of her past, of the present, and of the dark, empty future before her. She was defenseless against the monster, and it wore her down, second by second, until one day, she gave up.

She tried to disappear, morph  into nothingness, but then they came in, pointed their fingers at her and judged, “You are a murderer.”

That’s right, you tried to kill me.

She wanted to scream at them, you took away my choice, my freedom, my future…But she found that she could not talk, for the monster had her body wrapped around its small, ghastly claws, and she could only watch in horror as they and the monster took everything away from her.

In the end, the monster came out, with the eyes of the devil and the smile he had months ago…


I honestly don’t know what happened. I just…blanked? I don’t know what to say. :/

Hope everyone is warm!



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