I’m Sorry

I fudged up big-time. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Sigh, November wasn’t a good month for a quote challenge.

Situation: Wednesday night @ 6pm, dad calls and asks me if I’d like to go home for Thanksgiving and of course I said YES. Thus began the 4 days of chaos that I wouldn’t like to repeat again (not that I regretted it).

Wednesday 10pm, finished homework and packing.

Thursday 2am, woke up suddenly and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Thursday 4am, dad and uncle arrives at college, I hop on and we leave.

Thursday 1pm, we get home and I hit the bed. Then spent the rest of the day family bonding and organizing.

Friday 9am-3pm, hanging out with friends. Then family gathering and more organizing and bonding time!

Saturday 11am-4pm, shopping with dad.

Saturday 4-8pm organizing and shower and food.

Sunday 5am, up and getting ready to leave.

Sunday 1pm, arrive at college. Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on series, unpacking, reading, etc.


I really didn’t get free time until today and even then, I’ve decided that I don’t want to “make up” the missed quote challenge posts because I’m tired and I have a few ideas for some other posts, so I’d like to see how far I can go with those.

I leave you with this mini-discussion I had with myself today:

We like giving other people things because we like to see others be happy or know that we were the causes of their happiness? I think it goes both ways sometimes, but then again, why can’t we be selfish and think that we made someone happy? I want someone to stay by my side because I like that person and yes, that is selfish, but is it necessarily wrong? Are we wrong to want?

It seems to me as if today’s society condemns those who want, but wanting is an innate part of humanity, something we’ll never escape and don’t really want to escape. Want keeps us driving forward, to fulfill our wishes. Without want, would motivation be as strong?

^The above was bathroom mental discussion, so it may sound a little wacky, but is it worth some thinking about? You’re the judge.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. deep down what do you really want?
    most want to experience a joyful connection
    to themselves and others.
    enjoyed the Thanksgiving wish
    nearly a year early!

    • Ah, yes, perhaps we are liberated when our eyes meet and hearts touch. Hopefully the Christmas wish will be right on time! Thanks for your comment!

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