Planet Money (And other podcasts)

You must beware

After reading C.G.P. Grey’s list of podcast recommendations, I decided that if I had nothing better to do than waste my time playing Pokemon X, I should play it with style. (I will abuse many words in my lifetime, and I’ve decided that “style” is definitely one of them.)

So, I downloaded iTunes (again, actually) and if you don’t know from my past posts, I’m actually not the biggest fan of Apple. In fact, I’ve never owned an Apple product from any of its lines. I previously downloaded iTunes because I thought it was better than WMP, aka Windows Media Player (Friend A: Anything is better than WMP), but there was a huge issue with the different way in which iTunes sorted my music, so I reverted back to WMP instead.

That is, until I reread (yes, reread) C.G.P. Grey’s recommendation list and I thought to myself, I haven’t been reading much and I feel like I’ve lost contact with the current world.

So, why not?

I downloaded iTunes and I added some of the interesting ones from C.G.P. Grey’s list, and then I went to find more.

oh dears dddddddddd(Okay, maybe most of the recommendations.)

I have to say this: go do it.

You won’t regret it, really? Even as I’m typing this post up I’m listening to episode #498 of Planet Money. There are probably quite a few episodes I’ll never get to because there are nearly 600 (?) that I haven’t listened to yet and the NPR program at the very top of the list is 40 minutes an episode…I have as much time as the goblins working at Gringotts.

Please, give it a try.

Each episode for Planet Money is only about 22 minutes and that’s not a lot, especially if you have to commute to work or school. I listen to Planet Money while doing my homework!

Go, go, go!!

Edit: I accidentally tagged this as a quote challenge post…I was seriously out of it.


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