Quote Challenge

“You’ve got your phenomenon on one hand. Concrete and knowable. On the other hand you’ve got the incomprehensible. You call it God, but to me, God or no, it remains just that, the unknowable.” – Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, Northern Exposure, A Wing and Prayer, 1994

Reason why this was late: On Friday night, I was tired and exhausted, so I slept early. As in nine p.m. early.

To me, this is something quite important to me.

My parents are Buddhists (I think they are?) and, well, it was really hard for me to find something that I could believe in. For a long time, I thought I was an atheist (and a rather defensive one too, gods why) and I’ll say I was quite a brat…still am, really, but even more back then.

I was confused. What do I believe in? What should I believe in? Is there anything wrong with not believing in anything?

I think that I knew it in some place in my heart, but it took a long for me to figure it out. It came to me in sudden clarity on a very random day, when I think I realized that I was killing ants with every step I took and for some strange reason, there was this heavy guilt within me and holy I began calling something Mother Nature.

You have no idea how much Googling I had to do to find exactly what I believed in (Naturalistic Pantheism).

Have you found something to believe in?

Quote taken from here.


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