Life question: Social Expectations

There’s quite a few warnings before we head on to today’s entree…


  1. I’m not angry; I’m just in a state of what-the-fudge.
  2. There are lots of Pokemon references here, so if you’re not fond of/familiar with Pokemon, I don’t recommend that you read this post.

If you’ve been playing Pokemon XY, then you might’ve heard about Wonder Trading, where you give out a Pokemon to get a random one submitted by another user. You can get anything that anyone puts on there, and what you get is all chance. (Recently, I’ve gotten Volcarona and some other awesome pokemon that I think aren’t attainable in XY, so someone is doing link trades and such. You, sir/lady/it, are awesome.)

Social expectations applied to Wonder Trade would be like putting out a good pokemon and expecting a good pokemon back, when there are no rules about what you have to give and what you will get.

But the expectations are there anyways. (Not that I haven’t been trying my best to give Charmanders and Chespins out…)

The truth is, you’re going to be getting Fletchlings and Bidoofs and other common Pokemon instead of Gibles, Charmanders and other harder-to-obtain Pokemon.

And that concludes my extremely short post about Social Expectations.




PS: If you thought this post was about Pokemon, you’re half right.



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