Quote Challenge

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” – Robert Fripp

In my case, the not-silence.  (If you get what I mean…)

Music is amazing. Music can heal; music can destroy. What can’t music do? :)

You know, I write about 99% of my posts while listening to music, and the tone of the post really depends on what song I’m listening to while writing the post.

Glitch Mob makes me want to talk about a social problem, classical usually makes me sad and melancholic, pop makes me happy (usually)…etc.

The recent songs that I’ve been listening to aren’t quite happy, so I haven’t really been happy either. (There’s been a lot of things, but music has been able to calm me down most of the time.)

I leave you with two great songs and hope that whatever worries that you might’ve had (or still have) have been mollified for the time being…

(Yes, I like The Piano Guys very much and of course I have their albums.)
Quote taken from here.


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