Quote Challenge

“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

Why, what is with all these late quote challenges…

But one question I’d like to ask is: how do we really know whether they’re good? I mean, there are some people with terrible attitudes but true wisdom in their head…. then there’s the seemingly kind people that don’t ever insult anyone, but I wonder sometimes though, about their true characters…

Perhaps we can’t ever know who is bad and who is good, but use your head and listen to your gut instinct.

This is why I’d rather be alone most of the time; I’m an introvert for sure, but I only like to hang out with certain types of people and it’s hard to find them, so if I’m going to be alone in a group of people, why don’t I just be alone, all by myself?

Bad company is everywhere. You’ll never be able to avoid them and so the only things you can do are: learn to avoid them and deal with them.

Bad company doesn’t necessarily mean bad people, but they’re definitely people that you don’t enjoy hanging out with. Reject their requests or suggestions and they’ll eventually get the message: permanently unavailable. There are some who are persistent, but I’m pretty sure that if you seem truly reluctant, they’ll get the message, don’t worry.

Source: experience.

(I am seriously going to laugh my bottom while some read this and just scratch their heads and others just look up from the screen and panic a bit. Hmm? But I bet someone is probably going to think: why, Akari, why would you write this? Answer: I don’t know!)

Quote taken from here.


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