Quote Challenge

“Readers are plentiful; thinkers are rare.” – Harriet Martineau

(Why was this late? I got stuck on Shindanmaker after introducing it to my roommate. Also, interesting piece of information: my slogan is apparently “Jingle my bells, baby.”

And I am “made of pens, bananas and dedication. With a dash of the South.” That was hilarious to me because one of my roommates is from the South. Hahaha!)

That quote was probably true 10, 20 years ago. Now, even readers are rare and thinkers… well, if you want to find one, just look into a mirror.

(Ha, haha! Please tell me you at least snorted.)

No, I’m not expecting a four page paper on 50 Shades of Gray, nor do I think we have to go as far as to link the story with historical context, but at least think about the why parts, yes? Yes?

I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep in a row in the past two/three days, so I’d greatly appreciate it if I’m not judged too hard for this late and relatively short quote challenge. I’ll make it up over the weekend, as I have a few more posts planned, one of which is quite long (>3000 words).

Quote taken from here.


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