Quote Challenge

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Oh my hawking feathers, look who showed up on the quotes page. Ralph flipping Waldo Emerson.

But what he says is absolutely true; why would you expect a “reward” when you’ve just accomplished something? (My goal for tonight? Finish a research paper draft and go through seven hours of drama for educational purposes. Hopefully I’ll be alive by 5am…)

There’s nothing else. I mean, sure, someone might praise you, but do you expect praise for everything you do?

Also, some of the things we do are things we’re supposed to do, right? Why the heck do teenagers get rewards for doing chores? You should be doing chores and not sitting around all day doing nothing. Honestly! I mean, I washed dishes and did laundry and occasionally my mom would take me out for a fun day to relax as a reward, but I didn’t expect her to offer a trip every time I did something.

– Please understand that I haven’t had a goo night sleep in about 2.5 days and I’m not feeling quite well, so please excuse this extremely short quote challenge. –

Reward yourself with something more challenging and keep doing that until you’ve broken the last wall. Then head towards other goals and start breaking down more walls. Attack!

Quote taken from here.



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