Quote Challenge

“Americans detest all lies except lies spoken in public or printed lies.” – Edgar Watson Howe

This made me laugh more than I should have, but screw that.

Oh gods, gods, gods…have truer words ever been spoken?

(^Rhetorical, I’m hoping you got that.)

I wonder why? I wonder why it takes words on paper and famous people on television to convince people of a common truth? (Ah, in this case, people means Americans.) Well, instead of a common truth, it’s a lie.

[I got the following information from an article quite a few months ago, and if I’m wrong, please notify me and I will take it down immediately.]

A while ago, there was this woman on television, going around telling people to not vaccinate their children because vaccines caused mental illnesses and/or brain defects (possibly true for some children, but for the majority, it’s a benefit). Not saying that she’s wrong, but her argument was based on her one experience, and that was with her son, I believe.

The possibilities are there, but minimal. (For instance, it hasn’t been proven that anybody has died from a DTap vaccine.)

However, if you believe that children should not be vaccinated, that’s fine by me too because it’s your choice. But don’t forget that your choice could have an effect on your child’s health. If you chose not to take a vaccine and something goes terribly wrong, don’t you dare blame medical officials because you decided not to take action. I really do believe that there is an extremely low risk in taking vaccines, but if you believe from the bottom of your heart that your child will have a negative reaction to the vaccine, all right, your call.

Don’t forget though, that viruses such as the flu are constantly evolving and while many other children take the vaccines and update their “anti-virus library,” your child won’t get the benefit of that and would therefore be more susceptible to those viruses.

I must say that I’m biased though, so it’s all up to your judgement.

Quote taken from here. (From the random quotes section.)


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