Emotional Rollercoaster

Too many ups and downs in the past 24 hours.

Last night, around this time, I was waiting in line to go to Wong Fu‘s panel with my roommate, excited yet nervous at the same time (I’ve been really curious if Wes remembered my encounter with him at a certain store [which I don’t think he did, but that’s fine] for a long time).

I have to admit this, and please don’t be angry, but as much as I like Wong Fu, I never was too interested in them. Yes, I’ve watched a lot of their videos, but to me, their videos were out of reach, and I couldn’t connect with most of them, especially the romantic ones. (Kung Fooled was hilarious, and I really do think you should see it if you have the time.)

I think that my generation has a huge issue with personalities; there are mostly extreme opposites and few balanced neutrals. I am most definitely an introvert and most of my friends are too; I can’t connect with a lot of extroverts because I see things so differently. When I see a parade or festival or sorts, I think about what would happen if someone came in with a chainsaw or gun and began to shoot people…it scares me sometimes, but that’s what I think about that (sparingly though).

When I see scars, I think about torture and self-hurt and a myriad of other possibilities and it’s not until I realize what path I’m going on that I think, oh, it could’ve been an injury.

When I hear people lie, I see black ooze dripping from various parts of their bodies: eyes, mouth, ears… I see and I do not speak.

I can absolutely see the appeal of romantic shorts (similar to those of Wong Fu’s), but what really happens in real life? There’s rarely explosive sex, apologies with a large bouquet of roses, etc. etc. People are so different and it’s just so hard and difficult to create material that can connect with so many different and unique relationships.

This world is sometimes too complex for me to understand, and I often get lost in my own mind palace when trying to unravel mysteries.

Perhaps some things are better off unknown.


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