Quote Challenge

‘The incognito of lower class employment is an effective cloak for any dagger one might wish to hide.” – Margaret Cho

Today’s quote challenge will be unusually brief because: a) I had a midterm b) I have a quiz tomorrow c) I’m tired.

Really, don’t look down at the people who wash dishes in restaurants or serve at McDonald’s. Some of them aren’t as incompetent as you imagine them to be, and gods, you might be in their position one day. I know some people working happily at McDonald’s because the job got them off the streets. Some might find office work to be dull and boring, and so they decided that perhaps they wanted a change.

People are different, and will bound to be different. We search for different things in life, yes?

They might have a dagger, but it won’t be pointed towards you if you show respect and understanding.

Edit (11/08/2013):

This is fine as is. I could add more, but why add flourish to a piece that needs none?

Quote taken from here.


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