Quote Challenge

“Nothing is easy to the unwilling.” – Nikki Giovanni

Oh gods, please tell me you understand.

(I sit at my desk, look at the list of problems I’m supposed to complete for chapter 5. I flip open the book but the words from the pages swirl together and wipe my brain free of thoughts… I put my head in my hands and lament; I can’t do this.)

^ Welcome to fanfiction about me, written about me. But that really is how I view homework sometimes… I’m sure most students out there have felt this at least once or twice!!

But no, this quote is deeper than my insignificant homework issues. Careers. Don’t pick one that you hate but will earn the money you want, because you’ll be miserable your entire life. (Maybe you have a gift for it and even though you’re unwilling, it may be easy. But would you be happy? As you move that scalpel in a straight line across the patient’s back… as you watch your opponent fall to the ground in a crumple, watching as your client embraced her children, forever separated from their father…)

For homework, as hard as it may be, I must fulfill my higher education…for what, you ask? Why, to be helpful to the current society because it’s so freaking pitiful I want to cry. Congress, get your act together. Government, stop being an eight-year-old and start doing your job. People, stop worrying about Miley Cyrus and encourage cancer and disease research.

Jfc, get your priorities together people.

Quote taken from here.


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