Quote Challenge

“You really haven’t changed, you’ve just become more of yourself. That is really what we’re all trying to do: become more of ourselves.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Mindblown in a way, “meh” in another way.

I guess we become more of ourselves, as we’re searching pieces to put in our jar, but it’s interesting as to how people choose what to be and what not to be. I mean, when you hang out with certain friends with certain habits, you eventually pick up some of their habits, but does your sub-conscience choose to pick up certain habits and drop others or do you decide when you’re watching your friends?

(One of my roommates say “true that” a lot and I’ve been picking up on that. Do I just think “Oh, I want that” or is my mind on some kind of auto-pilot already? Neuroscience is mind muck, I tell you.)

“Ourselves” = fragments of other people that we collect and modify

It’s sort of similar to uploading a photo and then choosing the copyrights; “all rights reserved” just makes the picture a beautiful file that I’ll look away from very quickly. (No kidding. And if you change it from “some rights reserved” to “all rights reserved,” you are honestly a butthole and as much as I understand that you do have all the rights to do that, the previous modifiers aren’t going to be notified!)

(^Wait. This is late night, as in I-haven’t-had-a-lot-of-sleep and so I think what I just said might be inaccurate…)

I really don’t have much to say about this quote…

Quote taken from here.


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