Quote Challenge

(I sort of regret this now…)

Because I’ve actually been really busy! Anyways, here’s today’s quote:

The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

– Jane Goodall

But that’s not an easy task.

What if you interpreted wrong? What if some of them don’t want to be spoken for?

We can never fully please the masses. Give them free education and some will scream about inequality in education. Give them free medical care and they’ll demand lower taxes.

I’ve always had this belief that speaking “for those who cannot speak for themselves” will get me backstabbed in the end.

Gods, there’s really nothing much to talk about this quote because I honestly don’t like speaking for someone. I could be wrong about what they want or think and the last thing I want is to say something that might offend them. I know myself the best and even if I say something that might piss myself off, it’s me so, well, yeah.

Call me a coward if you’d like, but if I could, I wouldn’t speak for anyone unless I knew that person really well and if they trusted me to make a decision for him/her.

But I’m still going to hold on to my backstabbing theory.


Leave your thoughts here!

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