I think I might’ve thought about too many things these few days…because I keep thinking about really strange a somewhat sad things. If you don’t know much about Pokemon or don’t really care for it, then I don’t recommend you to read the following story as it might be a little confusing.

He sighs heavily after putting on his battle gear and turns to look at me, eyes somber and lips pressed tightly together downwards in a frown. We both know, and yet he still tries to smile while putting his hands on top of my shoulders.

“I’ll be back, you see,” he says as his grip tightens. A sudden roar from the crowds outside causes us to flinch, but he simply shakes his head and another sigh escapes him.

I’ve known this boy for 16 years, took care of changing his diapers to signing the consent form that will send him to his grave… The flashbacks suddenly surges from my treasure box and I have to bite hard to keep the tears in, for once they start, I won’t have the strength to stop them.

Waving happily to me as he saw me returning from the berry field…

His bright eyes when I praised him for making friends with an unusually Lairon…

The pride in his eyes when he was the first to stand and clap at my championship battle…

Eevee wiggles in my arm and I open my eyes –when had I closed them?– to see her looking worryingly at me. She, and the other pokemon are strong…all of them have gathered here to send their trainer off –to his death– but they smile and jump up and down encouragingly, seemingly not fazed by the choking atmosphere in the room.

They are strong.

I gather myself and smile at him. “We’ll be waiting.”

He grins and mock salutes us as he picks his belongings –left everything important with me because he knew– and ran out the door shouting, “Just you wait!”

We waited and waited.

The war ended and we waited.

Greninja would never enter his room; Eevee couldn’t evolve; Snorlax slept and never woke up; Aggron passed away; Chimecho never played his music again.

Ditto was the most understanding of them all and shocked us when he suddenly disappeared one day. It wasn’t until Chimecho led me away from the group and to his grave that I realized that Ditto had done…

We wait

Those were the words engraved on  grey tombstone and on the back was a pair of longing eyes

I’m so done with myself. Think I need to get more coffee sleep.

Ugh. Leaving to study for chem quiz (don’t skip classes kids).




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