I don’t think I should continue to post there (not here).

There’s this other blog that I’ve been told to post in to keep others updated about my life, but looking how others are moving forward at such a fast pace, I don’t quite think that my story can match up to theirs, so therefore I won’t be posting there anymore.
(I felt more detached from that blog than with Tumblr and that’s saying something.)

Recently, I’ve been listening to somewhat melancholic music and I’m really hooked on the remixes of this:

It’s a great song and if you’d like to listen to the original (plus one more), look on the left sidebar; there should be a SoundCloud widget with a playlist. Currently it’s set for the Current playlist, but not all of my songs are on the blog because some users chose to not allow widgets for their songs so if you want the full playlist, click on “MelChama” in the SoundCloud widget and you should be redirected to the page with the full list of songs.

— Reasons for using SoundCloud: not as much as a hassle as YouTube and loads much faster—

Yeah, I feel a little strange. Some of my friends are stuck, others are running in surprising directions and I can see us all going in different directions. (And that’s cool, you know? Everyone doing their own thing, finding things and people that they love…it’s great.)

But sometimes it can get a little rough here too, but I don’t think it’s easy to explain. I didn’t think that I’d miss home, but I do, even though it’s just a bit. (Mom, thanks for the support.)

It’s alright, really. I just want to find my own place and focus on something that I really love, which is kind of hard when I’m just taking core classes, excluding the one upper-division Japanese class. But to be honest, I do feel like I’m being left behind.

muMusic is my best friend right now. :> (That, and I’ve been into Shinhwa recently so new music!!!!)

But no, I’m alright, or at least I’m getting better. Hanging out with people has definitely helped and getting a 3DS has helped…. <— Not sure about that…

Alright, I’ve got a quiz today and a midterm tomorrow so peace out!

byePS: Might be starting a quote challenge in November, so watch out for post spamming!



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