(Read in David Tennants voice when he said, “Barrowman!”)

When I get the chance, I will apologize profusely to Amazon and then proceed to punch them in the face.

I ordered a pair of sweatpants that was surprisingly too large for me (woot, no longer a M?) and the return process was easy. But recently I ordered a tablet from Turcom on Amazon and the stylus that came with it had a non-functioning on/off button on the top (as in the button was jammed and I couldn’t get it out) and so I proceeded to return it…

…only to find out that I had to drop it off through UPS as there was no self-return option.

There are postal offices on campus, but no drop-off that would my large package because apparently they have size limits, which I think is 16in x 13in x 3in…?

And of course being the idiot I am, I walked to the nearest drop-off station (0.8mi away) and found out that it would’ve taken me 2 minutes instead of the original 30 if I had hopped on a shuttle or bus.

Why do I want to punch Amazon? I don’t know. I just felt really ticked off for no apparent reason.

That, and I’m not ordering anything from Amazon in the next two months…saving up for a Chromebook! Anyone like it? I tried it out at Staples and it seemed pretty nifty and thin. I do like the idea of apps, so it’s almost the equivalent of a laptop if you’re an “on the go” person. I mean, I’m fine with listening to YouTube instead of my playlist on WMP, really.

One really cool aspect about the Chromebook is the charger. It’s a standard phone charger so it’s easily replaceable and very convenient! (Note that HP does the same thing with it’s laptops or is it just me? I have two HP laptops and the chargers can be switched and it’d still be fine.)

Anyways, that was a quick post and because I have a chemistry discussion in an hour (do I have a quiz today??) and Taiko practice after that, I’m going to log off.

PS: I’ve been trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t do Taiko because I’m too busy but then I called BS; Taiko takes up roughly six hours in a week…that’s not a lot at all!


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