College – Week 2

Why hello, world!

As I quote from one of my awesome roommates, “This seems more like a long vacation!”

Yes, yes it does. But I’m starting to see the transition from “play” to work. I can see the weekly quizzes, paper deadlines and presentation dates. (By the way, I have to say that AP Japanese really prepared me for my upper division Japanese class because the format is pretty much the same. Discussion, sign up for presentation date, hand in work. The only difference is that there’s a lot of personal management involved this time, so at 10pm, the teacher won’t be sending e-mails reminding us of deadlines.)

How do I feel about it all? Great! Even though the workload is obviously larger and much more important, I think that I can really come to love this! (And I do maintain that UCSD is not UCSocially Dead. More like UCSo Distant, and I’m sure my parents [among others] would agree. *snickers*)

This blog might be a little inactive for the next few days (heck, it’s been inactive for the past two weeks anyways) because I’m going to be experimenting with scheduling and organization tactics that will work for me. With that said, here’s a glimpse at my schedule:


Math- 10-10:50
Chem- 2-2:50
Writing- 3:30-4:50
Chem (Dis)- 8-8:50
Taiko Practice- 9-11

Not bad? Not bad.

(Actually not quite sure how to work out the Chemistry Discussion and Taiko Practice because the locations are pretty far from each other. Also, specifically, Taiko practice is Taiko tryout. But because it goes on for 5 weeks, I’m just going to go ahead and call it practice.)

I see status updates from my friends all over California and I really do hope all of them are doing well. For those who have trouble with their new lifestyle, don’t worry.

Writing from the desk of the triple room in ________ at UCSD,

Your optimistic Cucumber Turtle


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