Keep Calm

Just keep calm.In less than three weeks I’ll be starting my journey and needless to say, not everyone is happy about the upcoming turn of events.

I’ve been trying to go out as often as I can, since I’ll be leaving my home cities and friends and this will be the first time I’ve ever left home for more than two months. (In 2007 I did go to China for two months and I’m never doing that again.)

My mother has been finding ways to express her inability to cope with my departure and I’ll just say this: it hasn’t been easy for both of us.

She’s still telling us and other people how she expects me to cry to her over the  phone and beg for help and in my opinion, it’s fine if she chooses to believe that. (I will say this: I really doubt I’ll ever get into trouble so deep it requires my parents.)

She’s been trying to get something out of me and while I’ve tried to ignore her as much as possible, it hasn’t been working out and now, I’m just irritated and tired of it all. I think she needs to understand that her daughter has been standing on her own feet since god knows how many years ago and that instead of attempting to lower her confidence (keyword: attempt), she should be encouraging her daughter to be strong and find friends for the next four years.

To the parents out there: telling your children that they’ll fail to cope with a new environment (when it’s inevitable that they have to be in that environment) is not the best way to ensure that they’ll be fine on their own.

I just started to pack for college, so this is pretty relevant. I’ve got some basic necessities, school supplies and toiletries packed, but I still have to wait until the last week to really be able to pack the comforter, snacks and computers. Hopefully everything will be alright.


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