Keeping Hydrated

…is a task I fail miserably at.

Saturday, August 10th, 2:17am

I am suddenly jolted awake by a throbbing pain at the back of the left side of my brain and it’s terrible, much stronger than migraine that I’ve ever had. I already had the throbbing pain before sleep, but I thought that perhaps a good night sleep would calm my brain down, but I was so, so wrong.

I breathe through my nose and keep telling myself, it’s alright, it’s alright, just a temporary thing, sleep it through.

Ten minutes later, it was obvious that the blood vessels wouldn’t be returning to their normal sizes for quite a while.

And then I thought about the major changes that I’ve made to my schedule recently, and an alarming word popped up in my mind immediately:


I forget to drink water, always. It’s not because I hate drinking water or anything, really; I simply don’t remember. I don’t recognize dehydration until my voice becomes affected and usually by then, I’d have a little headache. It’s terrible and I’ve been trying to change by drinking more water, but it usually occurs in short bursts. For instance, I’d drink a lot of water from Tuesday to Friday, but would completely forget on Saturday and Sunday, resulting in a head-shattering headache on Monday.

I thought, could that be it? I got up, went outside and grabbed two bottles of water (I was in too much pain to think about pouring water). I drank one bottle in four huge gulps and was about to start on the second one when I remembered that I had Excedrin on my beside table and I quickly took two pills with the second bottle of water, praying that it’d work.


It wasn’t working. Well, not as fast as I hoped it would.

The pain is still there and I think that’s how it would feel if someone had stabbed me continuously at the back of my brain for a long time.

Using my elbows I managed to raise myself into a seating position, and with my knees under the blankets, I tucked myself into a ball and grabbed my hair, frustrated at it all because all I could think of at that time was:

stopjustgetitaway — ihatethisihatethis — pleaseplease

I think at one point, I whispered “please” because it felt like my head was going to split and everything was ending. I cried a little too, but quickly stopped when I realized that the crying was making the headache worse.

I just gave up and hoped that the medicine would kick in soon and the water would be absorbed.

On my back again, I closed my eyes, bent to the left side of my bed in a fetal position and tried to forget.


I woke up quite early, despite the midnight trouble I had. Surprisingly, I felt more refreshed than normal, even though just hours ago I’d begged for the reaper to get me.

Lesson learned: 5 cups of water a day keeps the damned migraines away.

I’ve been a faithful victim to migraines since the beginning of high school, but I’ve got to admit, that one migraine topped every single one I’ve ever had, perhaps even topping all pain from the physical wounds I’ve had in the past years.

It was absolutely painful and I would do almost anything to not repeat that ever again.

With that said, would anyone like some cupcakes? I made too many yesterday and now that I know that baked goods are common migraine triggers, I’d like to stay away from cakes and bakery items for a while.

And while we’re talking about the cupcakes, take away the chocolate cake, the vanilla ice cream and the peach pie I’m going to make on Tuesday.

To read more about migraines, please visit these sites:
New York-Presbyterian
Medine Plus <– Recommended

Image credits: Pill tablet by @Doug88888 on Flickr

Used with Creative Common license: “to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work”


One thought on “Keeping Hydrated

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have the same problem. Here’s a helpful tip. Eat lots of spicy foods. It gets you drinking at least about 2 cups of water a meal. It works, seriously. And try to drink at least 1 cup of water per meal, even without spicy stuff. I know it’s hard to remember, since i’ve been trying to drag myself up to the healthy 8-9 cups a day, but it simply isn’t happening. Still trying to get myself out of the 2 cup average. BUT if you’re getting really bad headaches, 3 cups a day should cut it. :D

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