This Theme

Something that has been bothering me…

what bothers meThat grey, blank area right there bothers me a lot. This part of this theme bothers me the most, because while I don’t like grey, blank spaces, I also don’t want to use up my uploading limit for featured image. (It’s sort of my fault too because my photos are about 4~9MB, and that’s pretty large for normal image files.)

So what I end up doing is uploading all of the pictures to PhotoBucket, then selecting one as a featured image and directly uploading it on here, which is extremely time consuming and annoying.

Which is why sometimes, I just get lazy with a normal text post and just go for Creative Commons and borrow someone’s picture. I feel bad doing that, but I don’t dare use up my limit, which I’m 80% away from (that may seem like a lot, but that’s because I stopped uploading the pictures directly onto the blog a long time ago, so I’ve been saving a lot of space).

Or sometimes, I just use my computer’s snipping function and snip a picture of something. It works because the snips are really small so even if I upload a huge amount of those their total file size won’t amount to anything.

Sigh. I’m just waiting for a good theme to come along…even if it’s premium and I have to buy it (hopefully that price will be permanent and not yearly. If yearly, I’m sticking with this one, free and easily customizable.

(PS: I may post more short pieces now because I just don’t think that using a month to build up to one long piece is really worth it…and because it’s my blog and I’d rather be more active than trying to gather information. I can make small posts and do my research at the same time. ;) Fingers crossed!)


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