Wow, 600 already? Looking how much I’ve changed in the past 3 years, I can’t help but feel grateful for being able to change.

Some things that I really want to say but never had the chance to:

Your family and friends cannot change. Your environment cannot change. Your world will not change, unless you first change yourself.

Prove yourself through your attitude, your words, and your actions.

Patch it up, or cut it clean. [Regarding relationships and such.]

Love truly, fully. [I’ve always had this feeling that if I were to fall in love someone, I’d give everything I have to the person and that’s something that I won’t be able to control. I’ll love this person with my entire being and finally seeing someone actually do that gives me so much hope. PS: The couple is very happy!]

If you started it, finish it.

Understanding can only be achieved with the acceptance respect of two or more sides. Having only one side accepting and respecting isn’t understanding; it’s allowance and only serves to cause more disagreements in the future.



Gods, what to talk about?

Thank you for the fabulous years and I hope you welcome me with open arms until I decide to make a time machine and take over the world.

I’ve got plans for many new projects to come, so stay with me! :)

Thank you!


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