Right and Wrong

Sometimes the world isn’t so black and white.We like telling each other who is right and who is wrong. It’s as if there’s this chasm between the two and just stepping over the boundary puts you in a place that makes you feel like you don’t belong anywhere.

But who created the chasm? Who went through the trouble of cracking the Earth so this boundary would cause so much pain and tears?

And more importantly, why must we obey this boundary?

People who take drugs may take them for a variety of reasons. An escape from reality, numbing of the pain, experiment, peer pressure, illnesses, etc. Others choose not to socialize and party, not because they’re solitary monsters that hate the world, but because they prefer the sounds of silence over rhythm and beats.

The problem? Not everyone sees all that. Not everyone can see the wars that everyday businessmen and businesswomen, part-timers, and students fight.

It takes time and a willing heart. Not every prince is willing to listen to the whispers and pleas of the forgotten. Not every actor can rise from his or her ashes and take a legendary spot in everyone’s hearts.

Was it wrong for a prince to sleep on the streets? (Isn’t he a human?) Why does a big screen actor need to be remembered by his past over his achievements? (Someone eventually points out that “he did drugs” every now and then. Why does that matter?)

We blend black and white when it’s convenient and firmly separate them when it’s inconvenient. We can’t do that.

First of all, black and white are married and super-glued together. Second of all, there are many more colors than just black and white. Third of all, I know our eyes aren’t trained to identify only two colors so stop it.

Continue the list. Make it your story.

If anyone is curious as to why it seemed like I went off track mid-way, it’s because I went off track. I completely lost track of what I was thinking because the first half was typed 10 days ago and I have no idea what in the world I was thinking then.

Lesson learned: don’t stop writing a post mid-way through. Blast through that wall! Yeah! (Thinking about Pacific Rim now and how I really want to see Ashida Mana on a big screen. Eeps!)

Image credit: change_thoughts by MMcDonough on Flickr


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