Alive and well

Why I haven’t been here in the past month and half.I have been absent because:

  1. From 6/5 to 7/3 I was on vacation in China, visiting family members and my ill auntie.
  2. From 7/4 to 7/9 I was (again) on vacation in Yellowstone, Bryce, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. That was one heck of a road trip and to be honest, I’m never following such a tight schedule ever again. Six days, six states. In no specific order: Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and my home state, California.
  3. China blocks WordPress. I honestly did not know that. At all. I might’ve been able to get past the barriers with vpn, but it was a very messy process and as someone who has a very limited knowledge of how networks work, I wasn’t going to risk the security of my laptop.
  4. I couldn’t bring my laptop to the road trip because I didn’t have enough time to pack everything. I came back at around 11:30am on 7/3, got home at around 12pm, went shopping at 1:30pm, came back before 4pm, slept until 9pm, packed until 12am and left again at 7am on 7/4. It was all very rushed and I couldn’t even unpack my luggage from China because my cousin-in-law, his friend and his friend’s son was living in the living room and my room. My cousin-in-law is due for another visit on the 23rd until the 28th before he leaves to go back to China.

Now, I’ll update more once I finish unpacking and cleaning, which hopefully, should be done by late afternoon.

(And I think it’s obvious as to why I couldn’t continue Loving June challenge. Sorry.)



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